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Creating a solid foundation for any business is key. As entrepreneurs, our greatest strength can sometimes be our biggest weakness. We can become so immersed in the “big" projects, we lose track of the “little" projects, which are often the most important. Fortunately, Identify Simplify Complete has proven turn-key solutions to help assist with the overall operation to keep your business driving forward and keep your customers coming back.

Our clients range from individuals in need of personal business assistance, start-ups, and companies who have been in business from as little as 1 year to over 30 years! We understand that each business is unique and constantly evolving. For that very reason we offer a range of services customized to meet your needs, while still remaining cost effective.

Corporate Optimization

Did you know that the largest challenge we hear from business owners is dealing with disgruntled and unproductive employees? Some of the biggest complaints customers have about small businesses is the disorganization, unreturned phone calls, and missed appointments. Quite frequently we hear employers talk about the lack of communication between management and employees. Learn more

Corporate Identity

So, what is Corporate Identity? “Corporate Identity is the overall image of a corporation, firm, or business in the minds of diverse publics, such as customers, investors and employees.” Before a customer contacts your company they have an impression of you based partially on your image. If your brand is visually engaging and well designed, the potential client may choose you over the competition. Your Corporate Identity (brand) can say a lot, either positively or negatively. This is the first opportunity you have to peak the customers' interest. Brand awareness (Identity) of your company is a dominant factor in consumer purchase choice.
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Corporate Schmorporate….
No corporate necessary

Silly name…serious results. This Service has been the brain-child and the building block of Identify Simplify Complete, because before it was a company, it was just an idea and those ideas came with a lot of research and YES…work! We all know nothing takes the place experience, and experience we have. That’s why we understand starting a new business can be stressful and making your dream a reality takes time, patience and a little help from the right people.
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IT Technology Solutions


Computer Remote & Onsite Support

24/7 Computer Support and Help


AD, MS Exchange, SQL Server

Server issues? No problem we got it!


Web Design & Development

We build beautiful and responsive websites


Search Engine Optimization

Need to up your ranking, try us on for size


Website Hosting

We can host your website and e-mail for an afforable price.


IT Budget Planning

Not sure how to properly budget your infrastructure upgrades? We can help


IT Project Management

We have professional certified consultants ready for your projects needs.


Disaster Recovery, Data Backup and more

We've got you! Let us help you design your IT setup to be ready for any dangers.

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