No Corporate Necessary

Silly name…serious results. This Service has been the brain-child and the building block of Identify Simplify Complete; because before we were a company, Identify Simplify Complete was just an idea and those ideas came with a lot of research and YES…work! We all know nothing takes the place experience, and experience we have! That’s why we understand starting a new business can be stressful and making your dream a reality takes time, patience and a little help from the right people. :)

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Below are just a few of the A La Carte Services we offer on an individual basis or can be combined as a packaged tailored to your needs.

  • Business Plans
  • Corporations, LLC, and Fictitious name, EIN assistance
  • Research
  • LLC Operating Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Service Contacts, Non-disclosure Agreements, Independent Contractors, Non-Compete Agreements, Employment Application, etc.
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design, Development, and Hosting
  • IT Solutions (Page coming soon)
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